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Airstar Lighting Balloons |
Balloon lights that offer 360 degrees of uniform, glare-free illumination.
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AP/M Perma |
Rehabilitation products for the wastewater and storm water Markets
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AquaShield™ |
offers integrated product solutions that serve to consistently meet high water quality design standards that are now expected throughout today's stormwater community.
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BMW Company |
custom engineered casing spacers, pipe end seals and sleeves.
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Composite Access Products (CAP) |
US Manufacturer of Composite Covers and Frames for Sewers, Grease Traps, Electric Transmission Access & Broadband Utilities
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Cultec, Inc. |
Stormwater Chamber and Conveyance Systems
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Garlock Pipeline Technologies (GPT) |
Sealing Products for the Underground Utilities and Stormwater Markets.
1. Riser Wrap. 2-layer heat shrink HDPE membrane for water infiltration and corrosion.
2. Boa-tape – extra grip, infiltration sealing tape.
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GlasMasters, Inc. |
Florida based manufacturer of polymer/fiberglass meter boxes and vaults for Utilities and Electrical industries
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The Harrington Corporation (HARCO) |
Gasketed joint injection-molded PVC (SDR-35, SDR26, C-900 and Vacuum Sewer) fittings, HDPE fittings and PVC Drain Basins.
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Lansas Products, Manufactured by Vanderlans and Sons, Inc. |
Offers a complete line of test plugs and flow-thru plugs in single and multi sizes. Also available are joint testers, high pressure plugs and air and vacuum testing equipment.
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National Pipe & Plastics, Inc. |
Complete line of PVC pipe products
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Pro-Line Safety Products, Inc. |
Tracer Wire, Detectable & Non—Detectable Marketing Tape, Utility Marketing Flags
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RF Valves |
Industry-Leading World Class Valve Solutions
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SIP Industries |
Ductile Iron MJ and Flanged Fittings; Pipe and Joint Restraints, Valve and Meter Boxes.
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Total Piping Solutions (TPS) |
Tapping sleeves, Linestops, Service Saddles, Transition Couplings and Repair Clamps.