Florida Pipeline Sales partners with manufacturers to represent and provide quality engineered products with top performance.

CCI Piping Logo

Wrapid seal, heat shrink for I&I protection; casing spacers; end seals; miscellaneous piping products.

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Composite Access Products Piping Logo

Compression Molded Composite, Traffic Rated, Manhole Ring and Covers, made in the USA.

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Flowmatic Logo

Engineered control valves, check valves, globe style valves, foot valves, butterfly valves, and ball check valves.

GlasMasters Logo

Polymer concrete and fiberglass meter boxes, pull boxes and vaults.

GPT Logo

Boa-tape – extra grip, infiltration sealing tape.

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HarcoFittings Logo

Gasketed joint injection-molded PVC (SDR-35, SDR26, C-900 and Vacuum Sewer) fittings, HDPE fittings and PVC Drain Basins.

Philmac Logo

High quality thermoplastic compression fittings for use with a wide variety of pipe materials in both high and low pressure applications.

Lansas Logo

Pipe Plugs, Joint Testers, Vacuum Testing Equipment, and accessory items.

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National Logo

Complete line of PVC (water, forcemain and sewer) pipe products.

Pro-Line Logo

Tracer wire, detectable and non-detectable marking tape, utility marking flags, and wire connectors.

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HarcoFittings Logo

Vent O Mat Air Release Valves, Pinch Valves and Knife Gate valves for water and sewer industry.

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SIP Logo

Engineered high strength, energy efficient LED balloon lights.

TPS Logo

Ductile Iron MJ and Flanged Fittings; Pipe and Joint Restraints, Valve and Meter Boxes.

Cement Logo

Specialty cements and grouts used to rehabilitate the water, wastewater, and sewer infrastructure.

TPS Logo

Tapping sleeves, Linestops, Service Saddles, Transition Couplings and Repair Clamps.

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